Mousy EP

by Full Monty

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ALL NEW SONGS! Some may or may not be featured on the new album...just saying.


released October 14, 2015

Dan Harness - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, producer, mixer, master

Recording March-September 2015 at Home Recording in Lincoln Park, MI
Except "Survival" recorded at Train-A-Comin' Studios May 2015 with Bryan Griffin in Mt. Clemens, MI



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Full Monty Detroit, Michigan

Full Monty are a Detroit rock band drawing influences from many subgenres of punk and folk. Starting in 2014 as an acoustic solo project, we have since evolved into a three piece band, adding a high energy live show to the poppy hooks and melodies. We have shared the stage with national headliners such as Jeff Rosenstock, Chris Cresswell (the Flatiners) and Bigwig, currently booking several tours ... more


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Track Name: Marching By (EP Version)
Trying to keep our arms wide open
Finding our way through the dark
I know we drudge through nasty demons
But we’ve got to heal those scars
We can make it through this weather
And yes the rain is coming down
We need to keep our arms wide open
So we can get out this nasty town

Pre Chorus:
So we keep hanging on (2x)

So open up your eyes
Let’s keep marching by (2x)

We see the world is full of hatred
We see the world brought up on fear
They say ‘obey or be set on fire’
They said I’d never make it here
Our head is spinning around
We can’t see, the lights are out
We need to open up our eyes
Get out this world full of doubt
Track Name: Survival (EP Version)
I am your lord
Your authority figure, I’m who you adore
You better write this down
You don’t wanna forget what I’m all about
So keep listening to me speak
I’m not inanimate, I am who I say I am

I’ll show you the way
To a greater life outside of your brain
Where nothing is free
And the corporations are just like family
And you are lower than I
But I’ll make your payments high
You will pay thus,
For not thinking like us

You should say goodbye
You should say goodbye
Because you won’t survive

And I will lie
And I will cheat
And collapse all your homes
To bring new buildings
Track Name: Coming Out
This is coming from the inside
Where you can see what’s a mess
With all this unpleasant weather
They’re calling who’s the best
Life is shifting and I can’t take it
Can I get help picking up the pieces
In this business I’ve got a situation
Am I losing to this proclamation

I’m coming out to all the things
That stop me from being me
I’m not taking no from anybody
I can’t stop doing this now hardly
You can’t take this from me
Because I’m not listening

I’m breaking out the bottle
Because I can’t handle this
Like a slowly melting candle
Who will help keep the flame
Life is shifting and I can’t take it
Can you help me pick up the pieces
Am I crazy, because this feels like prison
Take the knife out and grab some Jameson
Track Name: Mousy
You got me thinking ‘bout my expectations
So now I’m coming clean
You got me trying to have an explanation
For about everything
You can’t get me to it baby
Why don’t you understand
You can’t get me to it baby
There’s nowhere for my feet to land

Do you feel alright (3x)
Is it good?
I don’t feel alright (3x)
This ain’t good

So can you tell me how this plays out
You think you’re so in control
So can you tell me what it’s all about
I’m not so blind, I suppose
This ain’t what I want baby
My life is not a game
I’m taking life by the fucking horns
This is my new chance

Do you feel alright (3x)
Is it good?
I don’t feel alright (3x)
This ain’t good

My body is so out of control
Life’s got me all keyed up
I’m neurotic to the bone
I’m so out of touch
Track Name: Darkest Star
When I grew up
I knew there was a silver cup
To drink out of, when I finally,
New it wasn’t hard
To jump right in and heal the scars
From all the past relations

So I finally realized there was nothing I could do
So I took your hand and made a plan, I knew you would come through
I see you in my darkest times, so I when I fall asleep
I think about the things that haven’t got to me

My hands are sweating
Out of grief and everything
Detrimental to my whole existence

You are the darkest star
That shines so bright
Will you please hold me tight